How to help the LGBT community get back on its feet

The transgender community has been reeling from the devastating shooting of two young transgender men, and the fallout from the attack has caused many to rethink their relationship to their identities and gender expression.

On Wednesday, the National Center for Transgender Equality announced it is offering its annual Transgender Pride month program, which encourages LGBT people to “come out and be who they truly are.”

The organization’s president, Mara Keisling, said the initiative was born out of her personal experiences as a transgender woman.

“When I was growing up, we didn’t have the visibility that we do now,” Keisley said.

“People didn’t know that we were trans, and people didn’t even know that they were transgender.”

Keisler said she decided to bring the initiative to the LGBT leadership community, as well as the media, because she was concerned that it might not be enough.

“What if people are not taking the steps to be who we truly are?” she said.

Keislers focus was on empowering the transgender community and the public in general, and helping them to identify and embrace their authentic identities.

She said that in the past, she had to explain to the people around her that she was a transgender person.

“I just didn’t want to do that anymore,” she said, adding that she wanted the focus of the program to be on empowering LGBT people.

“It’s not about saying, ‘I’m a transgender man,'” she said of the transgender experience.

“That doesn’t matter.”

The event was originally intended to help trans people come out as cisgender.

The NCTE said that transgender people are also a large population of people who identify as LGBTQ, and that the LGBT Pride month initiative aims to help them come out in a way that is more authentic.

Transgender people who are transitioning are encouraged to participate, as long as they follow the guidelines for their gender.

The organization said that the initiative has helped hundreds of trans people since it was announced.

“We’ve had people coming out in our program, coming out at Pride, coming to our events, even telling their friends about our work,” Keisesling said.

“[And] we’ve seen people come to us with their stories, and we have been able to reach out to those people and get them on board with this.”

The Ncte­st­eral said the Transgender Pride initiative was inspired by the murder of two transgender men in Orlando, Florida, in June.

The attack that killed the men was the deadliest in modern American history.

“Transgender people are one of the most underrepresented populations in the LGBT world,” NCTe­stal president Mara Keislings said.

The initiative has been a success, and it is part of a broader strategy that seeks to “change how people understand and live their identities.”

Keislinger said that as the transgender population has grown, so have the problems they face.

“The violence that they’re experiencing now, we have a lot of fear,” she explained.

“A lot of people are afraid of being a transgender.

We’ve seen a lot more hate speech and violence.”

But the organization said it is still struggling to make its transgender community feel safe.

“There are still some folks who aren’t comfortable coming out to their families and friends, or going to the bathroom,” Keisli­s said.

NCTes­tral hopes that its work with the media and other community members will help dispel some of the myths surrounding the transgender person and the LGBT movement.

“Our hope is that this will be a tool for the community to help heal and understand that it is OK to be transgender and not be afraid of your own experience,” Kei­ses said.

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