San Jose escort says it was attacked by a man with a knife

San Jose, Calif.

(AP) A San Jose-based escort who says she was assaulted in the city’s Castro district is speaking out after she was released from a hospital with a head wound.

Caroline Nettles, a 29-year-old transgender woman who was born a woman, was in stable condition Wednesday morning, according to San Jose Police Department spokesman Sgt. Greg McVicar.

Nettles was visiting a friend at a San Jose bar early Tuesday when she and another female companion were walking through the streets of Castro, where several people had been robbed and beaten.

The man with the knife demanded money and ran away, Nettls said.

Nettels was able to grab her cellphone, call a friend and call the police.

The friend and another male companion ran into the restaurant where Nettlies was staying and called 911, according.

Police arrived and Nettlets friend ran to help Netts and another person.

The group ran outside of the restaurant, but the man who ran away got back in a silver sedan and tried to drive off with Nettels and her friend, McVvicar said.

The two friends got back into the car and tried again to pull the man away from Nettlers friend.

Nettlees friend punched the man in the face, and he fled the scene.

The assailant got back on the hood of the sedan and drove off, Mcvvicar told The Associated Press.

A San Jose police officer responded and attempted to pull over the silver sedan, but it sped away.

Officers chased after the sedan, and when the sedan got on the sidewalk, the officer fired a single shot.

Nettels, who was wearing a face mask, was struck multiple times, McSweeney said.

Her friend was able hold onto Nettlas friend while paramedics rushed to the scene, McVavicar added.

Nettlels was treated and released from the hospital.

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