The Lads’ Guide to Escorting – A Guide to the Lads

A guide to escort services in Dayton, Ohio, and the state of Oklahoma.

This is the first installment of a two-part series.

article “A lot of times, the men and women that we’re working with will be doing a lot of work that will make their life a little bit easier, and if they’re doing it in a safe environment, they’ll have a lot more opportunities to do that.” says Becky Wills, owner of the escort agency Wills and Associates, which specializes in helping escorts make their way through the business world.

“I feel like this guide will help a lot,” she says.

“The guys that are going to be the hardest, the most challenging guys that we work with, they’re going to have that guide to help them navigate that.”

The first installment will focus on the Dayton-area escorts that have become popular over the last year or so, including the likes of Caddyshack, Blue Sky, Lovesick, and The Little Red Escorts.

These are the same escorts who have become the subject of countless stories on TV and in the media, often because they have a reputation for being too trusting of men and/or the “coddled” nature of some of their clients.

“It’s a different industry, and I think it’s going to make it easier for them,” Wills says.

The guide also gives advice for any clients who are looking to start an escort service and find a local escort service that works for them.

The first two installments of this series will focus solely on the escorts in Dayton and Oklahoma, and they are not to be confused with the “escorts” in some other states that also have an escort business model.

The purpose of this article is to help the escorters who work in this industry navigate the industry as it has evolved over the years.

The second installment will be dedicated to working with the escort industry in other states.

It will include tips on how to handle clients who have been known to be abusive, how to deal with people who are very good at hiding their personal information, how best to keep track of the names of clients and managers, and other topics that might be relevant to your industry.

The last article of the series will be a look at the escort industry in the cities of New York and Los Angeles.

The goal is to give a brief overview of the industry in each of these cities, and to give suggestions for how to improve your business.

“I think one of the main things we’re seeing is that people are finding it a little easier,” Wamses says.

Wills believes that the escorting industry is going to continue to evolve as more people come into it.

“There are going be people who come to the industry who aren’t going to know the industry and they’re not going to see the people that are there.

But they will see people who want to come in and they’ll see the escorter community and the professionals who are out there, and that’s really a good thing,” she adds.

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