When you’re a ‘Escort Near Me’… and it’s a great deal!

A man says he’s been using his smartphone app to help escort women and get them to his home.

He says it helps him “catch the escorts’ attention” and that he also gets a lot of feedback from his clients.

But his wife is also on board with it.

She told Fox News that she’s used it on a few occasions, and when she tried to get an escort for her father-in-law at a convention in Dallas, the app told her she couldn’t.

The couple says that when they were told that escort apps are banned in Texas, they went to the local police department and filed a complaint with the state.

When the woman’s father- in-law showed up, he asked if he could help.

The father- s-law refused.

But they were able to arrange a meeting at the local convention center.

When that didn’t work, they got a ride to a motel.

The husband said he was surprised by the ride and that the escort’s driver “didn’t seem interested.”

Then, they headed out to the hotel and waited for an escort.

When they got there, he said, “he just looked at me and said, ‘Hey, you’re here for an hour, right?'”

The father told the station that when he looked at the escort, he saw that the driver “looked a little strange.”

The escort’s daughter told the AP that the father said, in Spanish, “You know what I love?

When I drive you around, you can see everything.

I can see you, you know, from every corner.”

The father- son told the paper that he told the escort “that she’s the best looking escort that he has ever seen.”

The couple said the escort was a friend of his, and that when she saw her father and the escort she said, “‘You’re really cute.'”

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