What you need to know about escort service provider OtterPond and its escort service

The Otterpond escort service, founded by a couple who had lived in Portland for more than 20 years, is now offering two locations in Oklahoma City.The two new locations are the first in the metro area and the third in the state of Oklahoma.The company has also expanded its Oklahoma City-based location.The company is now […]

Man arrested in connection with Las Vegas hotel shooting

The man who police say shot and killed a woman in a Las Vegas parking lot in late October has been arrested, authorities said.Authorities arrested 32-year-old Richard S. Houser on Monday, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.Houser was charged with two counts of assault and two counts related to the attempted shooting of a […]

How to Find a Female Escort in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, is known for its rich history of gay, lesbian and transgender people, and it’s a hotbed of business.But it’s also a hot spot for men looking for a female escort.We spoke with a local escort service to learn more.“I am a guy and I have to get a date.I can’t date men,” said […]

Why Torontonians are abandoning their jobs and leaving Canada

TORONTO — When I asked people in Torontontonia about their plans to leave the city, the main message I got was one of despair.“I don’t want to work in Toronto anymore,” said Nada Mohamed, a 23-year-old mother of three in her bedroom in Etobicoke.“It’s the worst.”She’s leaving Toronto in the next few weeks.Mohamed said she […]

How to Become an Escort in Vegas: 5 Steps

The Escorts of Las Vegas is a podcast that provides guests with insider information about the escort industry.This week’s episode features a young escort who wants to become a model, a woman who has a crush on a model and a man who is just curious about being a model.Watch the video above to learn […]

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